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Suspension Services for the Gastonia, NC Area

The suspension system on your vehicle helps you stay in control when you’re on the road. This system includes the tires, air in the tires, springs, shock absorbers, and the linkages that connect the vehicle to the wheels. This system helps control the handling of the vehicle as well as the braking to make sure the passengers are experiencing a safe ride.

It would be perfect if all roads were nice and flat, however, this is not the case. Roads and highways have imperfections in them causing the wheel to move up and down. The suspension system helps keep road noise to a minimum and makes going over bumps less uncomfortable. Springs help control the suspension, especially as you travel over uneven terrain.

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Signs When You Need Suspension Service:
  • fluid leaking 
  • vehicle “nose dives” when you apply breaks
  • excessive bouncing when you hit a bump
  • stiffness or noises when steering
  • uneven tire wear
If you suspect a problem with your springs, Pasour Auto Repair can help. Our auto mechanics will take a look at the condition of the suspension system and the spring, replacing them with the best parts in the industry. For more information on auto repair services, call today!
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