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By Pasour Auto Repair 05 Aug, 2016
As parents, there are so many things we worry about sending our kids back-to-school. And whether you have a high schooler who drives five miles to school or a college student who drives across the state, your kid needs a safe car. That's why during the month of August, Pasour Auto Repair is offering a FREE back-to-school check-up for your kid's vehicle. The check-up is a complete 27-point visual inspection of all the key components that tell us about a vehicle's health. 

Your FREE Back-To-School Checkup includes an inspection of:
  • Engine Oil
  • Transmission
  • Power Steering
  • Cooling System
  • Differential(s)
  • Brake Fluid
  • Brakes
  • Belts/Timing Belt
  • Suspension
  • Steering
  • Tune-up
  • Exhaust System
  • Fluid Leaks
  • Lights
  • Tire Condition
  • CV Boots/Axles
  • Horn
  • Heater Operation
  • A/C Operation
  • Wipers
  • Battery Cables
  • Oil Gauge or Light
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Engine Air Filter
  • Cabin Air Filter
  • NC Inspection
  • Warning Lights
We will tell you if there are any red flags that you should be concerned about and give you peace of mind that your son or daughter's car is in good condition and can get them where they need to go safely. Best of all, this thorough check-up is absolutely FREE! 

Schedule your FREE Back-To-School Check-Up for your child's vehicle now by calling 704-922-9422 or schedule online
By Pasour Auto Repair 12 Jul, 2016

By changing your behavior with how you drive and treat your car, you can save money at the pump. Over time, these small changes can add up to be big bucks! Want to know more? Follow these easy tips!

1. Tighten your gas cap. 
If you have a typical gas cap, make sure you secure it by twisting until it clicks 3 times. If it's loose, gas vapor will be constantly leaking out. This could cause the check engine light to come on as well. If you constantly smell gas, you may need a new gas cap.

2. Drive sensibly.
Unnecessary erratic braking and taking off can cost you up to 68 cents more per gallon than someone who drives more smoothly. So ease into braking and taking off, anticipate the flow of traffic, and pocket those savings!

3. Ease off the gas pedal.
Do you ride with your foot on the brake? If you kick the habit, you can save about 1.35 cents per gallon and that can really add up over time.

4. Change your air filter.
About one in four cars have a dirty air filter. By simply swapping it out for a new one, you can increase your fuel efficiency by as much as 10%, saving about 33 cents per gallon.

5. Slow down.
Driving slower is more fuel efficient. In fact, for every 5 mph you reduce your speed, your fuel efficiency improves by 7%. If you usually drive 70 mph on the highway and slow down to 65 mph, you can save as much 27 cents a gallon!

6.  Get your wheels aligned.
You could save as much as 39 cents a gallon by getting your wheels aligned! If you feel your car pulling to one side, it's time to make an appointment with us and start saving at the pump.

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By Pasour Auto Repair 21 Jun, 2016
How do I know when I should get my tires rotated and balanced?

Pasour Auto Repair Service Answer:
The interval for tire rotation depends on a recommendation from either the tire manufacturer or the vehicle manufacturer. But why do tires need to be rotated anyway?

Front tires wear differently than the rear tires because steering wears the shoulders faster up front. Rotating the position of the tires allows for more even wear among all the tires. Now the suspension set-up on certain vehicles may also affect the relative wear between the front and rear. There are several rotation patterns – your friendly and knowledgeable Pasour Auto Repair Service tire professional will see that you get the correct pattern for your particular vehicle.

Wheels and tires are not perfectly balanced due to slight variations in the manufacturing process and the placement of tire pressure monitoring sensors. So weights are strategically placed on the wheel to ensure that the tire spins true. When a wheel is out of balance it is essentially bouncing thousands of extra times every mile. Now this can result in an uncomfortable vibration for Dallas drivers in the steering wheel or through the seat. An unbalanced tire will also wear quicker and it is for your shocks and struts.

Dallas drivers should have their wheels balanced if they detect a vibration or uneven wear. A wheel balance check every year is a good idea. Because tires cost so much in the Alexis area, it's a great idea to do everything you can to make them last as long as possible. Proper tire inflation, regular tire rotation and wheel balancing are keys to long tire life. The team at Pasour Auto Repair Service in Dallas can examine your tires for signs of uneven wear and diagnose and correct the problem. 

Give us a call at 704-922-9422 to make sure your tires are in proper working condition. 
By Pasour Auto Repair 21 Jun, 2016

The US government has a website dedicated to helping us  use less fuel . It presents the cost savings in a way drivers can relate to, no matter what kind of vehicle we drive. Here's an example:

Having your engine properly tuned can save up to 4%. If you're paying $3.50 for a gallon of gas in Dallas, you could save fourteen cents a gallon.

Dollars Per Gallon             $3.00 $3.50 $4.00
Tune Up 4%                            0.12   0.14   0.16

Replacing a faulty oxygen sensor can improve economy by up to forty percent for NC auto owners. That's a whooping $1.40 in savings per gallon.

Dollars Per Gallon                            $3.00   $3.50   $4.00
Faulty O2 Oxygen Sensor 40%     1.20     1.40     1.60

Chances are that if your vehicle oxygen sensor is kaput your check engine light will come on. Now, there's any number of things that could cause your check engine light to come on besides oxygen sensor problems. But if it's on, get it checked out as soon as you can at Pasour Auto Repair Service.

Here's an easy one for busy NC drivers:  Inflate your tires to the recommended pressure. That could save you 3% or 11 cents a gallon. Even a little drop in pressure will cost you at the pump so check your vehicle tires every week.

Your vehicle manufacturer has recommended  a specific weight of motor oil. The recommendation is based on your vehicle engine design and will give you the best protection. Using a heavier weight could cost 1-2% in reduced fuel economy, or up to 7 cents a gallon.

Here are some free gas saving tips:  Don't drive aggressively, drive within the speed limit and remove excess weight (junk in the trunk) from your vehicle. These can add up to a dollar or more per gallon.

At Pasour Auto Repair Service, we have been providing professional, quality auto repair and maintenance for over 30 years.

Give us a call!

By Pasour Auto Repair 21 Jun, 2016
It's boating and camping season, so let's talk about towing safety. Too often drivers just slap a trailer on the hitch and take off. But there are safety considerations to protect your tow vehicle, comply with NC law,s and limit your liability.

  1. Know your tow vehicle. Your options will affect the tow rating, so you need to carefully read the towing section of your owner's manual to know how much your vehicle can tow.
  2. Know the weight limits of your trailer hitch.   It will have a maximum tongue limit and an overall limit.
  3. Know your hitch type:   a weight-distributing hitch may be required by your for certain trailer weights.
  4. Know the towing laws for the provinces in which you'll be towing as they may have stricter equipment requirements.

Your owner's manual will also give you some help in determining how to calculate how much weight you can tow. It's more complicated than the maximum weight the marketing guys trumpet. There are two codes you can find on the driver's side door.

One is GVWR – or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. This is the maximum weight of the tow vehicle, including passengers and cargo.

The other is GCWR – or Gross Combined Weight Rating. This is the combined weight of the vehicle, passengers, cargo and loaded trailer.

Every state requires safety chains and they also have regulations for   when trailer brakes are required in NC . And the tires on your vehicle and trailer should be in good condition and have the proper load rating. Your suspension should be inspected to make sure it can handle the load. Also your transmission may need additional fluid cooling, so check with your friendly and knowledgeable Pasour Auto Repair Service Technician about adding a transmission cooler and/or performing maintenance.

Carefully follow your vehicle's towing guidelines to maximize your safety, and protect your vehicle from damage and yourself from liability.

A quick note on your trailer: wheel bearings on trailers are often neglected by drivers. They need to be serviced on schedule to avoid failure. This is especially important for trailers that are driven through water. We can help you at Pasour Auto Repair Service in Dallas. Give us a call at 704-922-9422!
By Pasour Auto Repair 09 Jun, 2016

The axle assemblies in your vehicle transfer power out to the drive wheels. On a rear-wheel drive vehicle, there is an axle shaft that goes from the differential in the center of the axle to each rear wheels. On a front-wheel drive vehicle, the axle shafts go from the transmission to each front-wheel. All-wheel drive vehicles have axle shafts connected to all four wheels.

Axles assemblies are pretty tough parts: they transfer torque from the engine to the wheels to move the vehicle. Tough as they are, they are still subject to normal wear and tear. The axle shafts are in a sealed housing with lubricant that protects the axle shaft. When there is a leak anywhere in the axle assembly, lubricant gets out and dirt, water, and other contaminates can get in. This can greatly accelerate axle wear. If an axle assembly fails, you’re not going anywhere.

A worn or damaged axle assembly on the front will make a clunking sound during low speed turns – often just when turning one way. A worn rear axle also makes noise, but may be more difficult for the driver to hear. Also, if you see any oily leaks around your wheels, have it checked out.

If you have a bad axle assembly, your Pasour Auto Repair Service technician can make the repair. It is often more cost effective to replace an axle assembly than it is to take it apart and rebuilt it.

If you are hearing strange sounds coming from your front or rear wheel area, have Pasour Auto Repair Service inspect your vehicle. We can determine if it is an axle problem, or perhaps a worn steering, suspension, or brake component.

Give us a call at 704-922-9422! 

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